Time to show our love to the WVFD

22 Aug

If you live in the Village of Webster or on the town’s east side, you probably got one of these flyers in the mail recently.

Don’t throw it out. Or if it already has made it to the recycle bin, go grab it. Because this year more than ever, we need to support our Webster Volunteer Fire Department.

These are the men and women who will drop everything at a moment’s notice when they hear that one of their Webster neighbors is in trouble, rushing to help out in any way they can to — hopefully — make one of the worst days in your life a little better. And not a one of them is paid for their service.

This year, as you know, the annual Firemen’s Carnival was canceled due to the pandemic. That event has always been the fire department’s biggest fundraiser, and losing that influx of cash leaves a huge funding gap.

If you and your family has never required the services of our Webster volunteer firefighters, consider yourself blessed. But if and when that time should come — when you might be having one of the worst days of your life — it’s comforting to know that these dedicated volunteers will rush to your side.

So let’s all show them some love, and throw them some money. It’s pretty easy. Simply log onto www.donateWVFD.org, or complete and mail the envelope that was enclosed in the mailing.

* * *

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