The North Bee is still going strong — and getting better

4 Oct

I got a wonderful email the other day from another local business owner who has not only survived this current epidemic, but is doing her best to come out stronger.

Amy Stringer, owner of The North Bee on North Ave. in the village, told me that she has decided to quit her day job so she can focus her efforts on what is really her passion, her unique gift shop, The North Bee.

What makes The North Bee so unique is that most of the items Amy features are based on honey and bees. That includes more than 30 varieties of honey, beeswax products and other wellness products from the hive.

But Amy has been branching out of late and is introducing some delicuous new items to her store. She writes,

Over the summer we built a commercial kitchen on our property and I have been making and selling elderberry syrup at the store. I now have a fridge you can help yourself to your own syrup, or Beehive Beverage, a honey based soda beverage.

She’s also lots of new products and varieties of honey.

Amy says she offers “handcrafted goodness with a healthy dose of wellness,” which describes her products as well as the precautions she has taken during the COVID crisis.

Windows are open, the air filter running when they are closed, a self-serve honey tasting table is now available on request, sanitizer is available and high touch-surfaces are frequently wiped down. The children’s room is open and sanitized as needed.

One of the best bits of news is that Amy is expanding her hours. The North Bee is now open Tuesday 4 to 7 p.m., Wednesday and Thursday 10 to 4, Friday 10 to 2 and Saturday 10 to 3. She’s located at 27 North Avenue, across the street from Veteran’s Park and the gazebo. She offers local delivery, curbside pickup and shipping. You can shop in store or online at on her website.

She’s coming up on her second anniversary, by the way, which is quite an accomplishment, Make sure to tell her congratulations when you’re in there shopping!

* * *

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