So what are YOU doing for Halloween?

30 Oct

Halloween, like life in general this year, is going to look very different.

This awful virus is throwing a monkey wrench into plans to take the kids out trick-or-treating; there are real concerns about maintaining social distancing, staying masked, handling candy that a lot of others have handled … basically all the issues we’ve been living with for the past 7 months.

But of course, if you’re a kid, Halloween ranks up there with Christmas as the best holiday of the entire year. So I’m sure there are going to be a lot of trick-or-treaters out there Saturday, hand-in-hand with parents who’ll be making sure they stay safe and healthy.

I also know there will be a lot of homeowners ready to welcome them. Some have come with very creative candy-delivery systems to help make the whole experience safer.

Like this downspout-turned-candy-chute created by my friend David Peter:

I’m not quite that clever. But I will be taking advantage of Saturday evening’s not-necessary-warm-but-also-not-raining weather to sit outside in my driveway to welcome any trick-or-treaters who decide to come out.

I’ve been looking forward to this night for a whole year. Last year, my first one in our new village home, I felt like I really got cheated. We were told to expect several hundred visitors, and that often homeowners would set up tents and fire pits outside to hand out candy. So I was prepared with both the candy and the fire pit.

Photo courtesy P. Wyble

But as you may recall, the weather last year was awful: rainy, cold and very windy. So we retreated to our enclosed front porch, which was OK, but was not the village Halloween experience we’d been promised.

This year we’re looking forward to trying again.

I certainly understand if you’ve decided to do something else for Halloween in lieu of trick-or-treating. But anyone who comes down Fuller Ave. will be welcomed at our fire pit, and invited to take a few pieces of candy off the table we’ll set up at an appropriate social distance.

* * *

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