Revisiting my Webster Bucket List

9 Feb

I was going through some very old blogs a few days ago and stumbled across one about my Webster Bucket List.

The bucket list was something I first came up with more than 10 years ago. It was shortly after I started writing this blog, a time when I was becoming more invested in the community. The list back then included more than 80 items from Webster and near-Webster (Penfield). A lot of them I was able to come up with on my own, but since I was just getting to know Webster, I had also solicited reader suggestions for must-see Webster places or must-do Webster activities that I wasn’t yet familiar with.

Even after all this time, I still haven’t checked everything off that list. Given that, I thought it was time to revisit my Webster Bucket List, update it, and get cracking at it again.

Over the last ten years, a lot has changed in the life of our village and town, so the list needs a LOT of updating, and I’ll once again need some help with that. But let’s look first at the items I was able to complete:

  • visit the Webster Museum
  • stop by the village offices and say hi to the ladies at the desk
  • see a Village Band concert at Harmony Park
  • see a Friday night concert at the gazebo
  • grab a peach cobbler from the Order of the Eastern Star during Village Days
  • hike the Hojack Trail from end to end (I did this one in pieces)
  • buy some fresh vegetables at Joe Obbie’s Farmers Market
  • smell some flowers at the Webster Arboretum
  • get a snack from one of the sample ladies (or men) at Wegmans
  • go to the Firemen’s Carnival
  • walk all the way out to the Webster Park pier
  • watch the sunset from the Irondequoit Bay outlet
  • wave an American flag at the Memorial Day Parade
  • donate blood at the Community Blood Drive
  • catch a performance by the Chorus of the Genesee
  • take a swim at the Webster Aquatic Center
  • check a book out of the Webster Public Library
  • take a stroll through the Webster Rural Cemetery and Webster Union Cemetery
  • hike the trails behind the Bay View YMCA
  • go bowling at Empire Lanes
  • see a movie at Loews
  • watch the Firemen’s Parade
  • see the live aninals in Wilbert’s nativity scene
  • shop at Hegedorn’s
  • check out the student artwork at Community Arts Day
  • grab a cup of coffee at Joe Bean (moved)
  • start the day with breakfast at T’s Family Restaurant
  • attend a Schroeder vs. Thomas athletic event
  • spend a summer evening listening to music at the Bay Side Pub
  • visit all the village parks: Milton Case, Wilmorite Recreation Area, Schantz Park, Harmony Park, Veteran’s Memorial Park
  • wave at Santa during the Holiday Parade of Lights
  • take a bike ride around North Ponds Park
  • dance in the street at the Jazz Festival
  • donate to Hope House to support our neighbors in need
  • see a concert at the Harmony House
  • donate to the Webster Food Cupboard (closed)
  • attend the annual Fourth of July celebration
  • hike all the town’s trails (Whiting Rd., Vosburg Hollow, Gosnell Big Woods, Finn Park, Midnight Trail, Webster Arboretum, Webster Park, Chiyoda Trail, John Ungar Nature Trail, Four Mile Creek, and the bike path
  • relax on a bench at Veteran’s Memorial Park and admire the flowers
  • buy something from a village business
  • grab an ice cream cone at Hank’s
  • see a middle school or high school music concert
  • hike down to Irondequoit Bay at Abe Lincoln Park
  • participate in the village’s Trick or Treat Trail
  • drive down Lake Rd. from 250 to Bay Rd.
  • attend Village Days (doesn’t happen anymore)

Whew. That seems like a lot of things. But I accomplished most of them through simple day-to-day enjoyment of all that our town and village have to offer. I could have checked off even more, but in my original list I had the nerve to set some rather specific requirements for many of the places I was to visit, like:

  • sample a cinnamon sugar fried cake at Bauman’s Farm Market
  • buy some cider and apples at Schutt’s
  • stop by Flaherty’s on St. Patrick’s Day
  • enjoy a soft-serve sundae at Abbott’s
  • eat a Gloria Special at Maria’s Mexican Restaurant
  • play a carnival game at the St. Rita’s Fiesta
  • enjoy a cup of coffee on the beach by the White House at Webster Park
  • view the frozen waves on the beach at Webster Park
  • take a class at the Webster Recreation Center
  • participate in an open skate at the Webster Ice Arena
  • have a picnic in North Ponds Park
  • go sledding in Webster Park
  • swing on a swing in Webster Park
  • climb to the top of the playground equipment at Ridge Park
  • have dinner at Hedge’s

If I can count that I’ve actually BEEN to all of those places, then I could check them all off, too. But these last few? Well, I just haven’t done them at all:

  • wander through the West Webster Cemetery
  • order a garbage plate at Empire Hots (no thank you)
  • grab a fettuccine alfredo at Streppa’s Bistro (can’t do that now, it’s closed)
  • attend a Schroeder Warriors football game
  • attend a Thomas Titans football game
  • enjoy a Tuesday night movie in the park

So I guess in retrospect, I think I’ve done a pretty good job sampling many of the places and events that make Webster a great place to live and work. As you can see, however, the list is outdated. I’m hoping you all can help me with that.

What is this list missing? Are there any special events I am forgetting about, or special places that everyone should visit at least once? Email me your suggestions, or leave a comment here on the blog. Once we get a complete list, I’ll format it so that it’s easy to print, and perhaps you, too, can work your way through my Webster Bucket List (once life gets back to normal again, of course).

* * *

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2 Responses to “Revisiting my Webster Bucket List”

  1. Linda Meyers February 9, 2021 at 8:15 am #

    Love this!! A few possible additions:

    – eat a waffle at The Waffle Factory
    – check out Jacks Place – Webster
    – attend a game at Miracle Field and visit the accessible playground
    – buy “something” from Sunscape Farms
    – have fun at Wickham Farms

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