New smoothie & juice bar opens in Wegmans Plaza

1 Nov

Sometimes I happen upon blog ideas quite accidentally. That was the case when I was taking a walk the other day to Wegmans, and passed by a brand new business, Nourished, which recently opened next door to Hobby Lobby.    

Nourished is a smoothie and juice bar with a full menu of teas, shakes and coffees that are actually healthy. 

That was actually the first question I asked owner Stacy Sinclaire when we sat down to chat not long ago. I’d seen a photo on Nourished’s Facebook page of a young girl drinking a peanut butter brownie shake, and I just had to ask, “How can something like that be good for you?” 

“Our shakes use plant-based protein,” she said, “and we blend with water and ice.” So basically, they top out at 250 calories and pack in 24 to 28 grams of protein. 

They even have protein coffees. “Where else can you go to get protein in your coffee?” Stacy quipped.

Stacy and her young family moved here to Webster from Greece a little more than a year ago. As an elementary school reading teacher in the Churchville-Chili school district for 17 years, becoming a small business owner was something she never really considered. That is, until the day she happened to drive by Unleashed Nutrition in Fairport. 

“It was a long time coming, wanting to do something else,” she said. “I just saw this business in Fairport and thought it was the neatest thing. I’m a big health-nut, I work out every day, I like to eat healthy, so this just screamed my name.”  

So she stopped in, met the owners, and asked what she needed to do to open her own place. By last February, she and her husband Peter took the plunge. The owners at Unleashed Nutrition helped them set up the distributorship and mentored them. Then, over the summer, Stacy decided to devote herself full-time to her new business, and resigned from her teaching position. 

She hasn’t regretted the decision for a moment. 

“I was ready for a new adventure,” she said. “They say how most people wake up and go to work and it’s just a job. I wake up now and I’m happy to come to work. … I walk in here and it’s something that you’re proud of because it’s mine.” 

“We absolutely love what we do.” 

In the few short weeks Nourished has been open, it’s already developed a steady clientele. That’s a testament to the menu as well as Stacy’s community-focused approach to business. She’s already been offering specials and fundraisers for local youth groups and sports teams. But it’s even more personal than that.

“I want this to be a place where (customers) know they’re going to be greeted and welcomed,” she said. “Customer service has always been huge to me. I want to create a positive environment.”

In the interest of being thorough with my blog research, by the way, I did try one of those peanut butter brownie shakes (you’re welcome). I can report it was delicious. Pretty sure I’ll be back for one of their apple crisp shakes before they’re gone….

Nourished is located at 900 Holt Rd. (Wegmans Plaza), next door to Hobby Lobby. They’re open weekdays (except Wednesday) 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., and weekends 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram (@nourishedwebster).

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