Trick-or-Treat Trail Costume Contest winners announced

2 Nov

Congratulations to the following winners of this year’s Trick-or-Treat Trail Costume Contest!

0 to 5 years old

1st place: “Doctor & Patient” – Benjamin & Groot Bradford

Tied for 2nd: “Bar Maid” (Dixie Doud) and “Construction Worker” (Liam Murphy)
Tied for 3rd: “Elsa” (Sophia White) and “Paw Patrol Marshall” (Austin Hoffman)

6-12 years old

1st place: “Zombie Princess” (Teagan Hoffman)

Tied for 2nd: “Lumberjack/Scarecrow” (Michael Bovenzi) and “Witch” (Malaya Quinn)
Tied for 3rd: “Marie-White Cat” (Molly Koenig) and “Skeleton” (Elliana Palmer)


1st place: “Fruit Salad” (Malarkey Family)

Tied for 2nd: “Nightmare Before Christmas” (Gallagher Family) and “Addams Family” (Spampinato Family)
Tied for 3rd: “Super Heroes” (King Family) and “Thomas the Train, Conductor & Gates” (Cline Family)

* * *

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