Do you know anyone in these photos?

4 Nov

* * * UPDATE! The Go Pro owner has been found and plans are in the works to get the camera returned. Stay tuned for an update on how this story unfolded. * * *

I got a very interesting email from a reader a few days ago, someone who clearly knows how much I like a mystery.

The email read,

While walking along the shore at Webster Park early this  morning, I found a nice, little Go Pro camera.

These things ain’t cheap.

It is a model HERO9 Black, with an orange ‘floaty’ case, and some other interesting and unique characteristics. I opened it and found the serial number, then contacted GoPro. So far, no one has contacted GoPro to report this camera missing. They have the s/n on file, and should the owner report it missing, they will contact the finder, and owner and camera will be reunited.

The camera has been in the water for a while, but the manufacturer has a generous replacement policy.  I wonder if a local reader lost this ‘in the drink’ some time ago. Or, perhaps it fell off of their boat or personal water craft during a warm summer’s day.

The kind reader attached these photos from the camera, and said that the last photos were taken July 6, 2021.

Do you recognize anyone? Let’s see if we can find this Go Pro’s home!

* * *

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2 Responses to “Do you know anyone in these photos?”

  1. Ollie Bartholomew November 4, 2021 at 9:27 am #

    This is absolutely incredible! An example of good will and humanity at its very finest! Thank you, kind reader, and thank you to the publisher for this thoughtful process and effort you’ve gone to.

    This is my camera. It fell off a jet ski mid-ride whilst we were celebrating 4th of July weekend with relatives in Webster.

    I will contact you (or you me) here or via Facebook.

    I am just so astonished and grateful to everyone involved here. That camera contains valuable photos and videos of our 3 children enjoying the holidays!!

    THANK YOU!!!

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