Happy news from the Webster BID

14 Jan

You might think that when the Village’s Business Improvement District holds special events like the Wine Walk and Beer Walk, it’s all just for fun and games.

There’s a lot of fun involved, definitely. But rest assured, the money that you’re plunking down for these events is always earmarked for donation to a local charitable organization. There’s just not a whole lot of hoopla when the check is handed over.

That was not the case on Thursday, however, when Mike Grenier, president of the Webster Community Chest, received a very large (literally) check for $900, representing the proceeds from the BID’s first-ever “Hops and Stops” Beer Walk held at the end of November. (It was a terrific event; you can read about it in my blog here.)

Grenier was presented the check by Kevin Finn (of Finn’s Garage) and Laurie Read (of Woodland Silkscreen & Embroidery).

Based on the event’s success, organizers are planning a second Hops & Stops later this year. They’re looking at maybe doing it a little earlier, however, like during October. Perhaps they can combine it with the village’s Oktoberfest?

What events would you like to see in the village?

The BID, which put on the Beer Walk, is the group behind a lot of the special events we have here in the Village of Webster, including the Trick or Treat Trail, Wine Walks and Family Game Nights. It’s an organization comprised of Village of Webster business owners, and dedicated to promoting village businesses.

If you’re a village resident or business owner, would like to find out more about the BID and perhaps put in your two cents about the events you’ve seen or would like to see, here’s your chance: the first BID meeting of the year will be held Monday Jan. 24, from 6 to 8 p.m. at Webster Interiors, 975 Ebner Drive.

The meeting will be more a social gathering than anything else. It’s a great chance for village residents and business owners to get to know more about the organization and exchange ideas on how best to help promote village businesses. Food and drink will be provided.

Please RSVP by Friday Jan. 21, by emailing info@websterbid.com. And if you’d like to find out more about the BID visit www.websterbid.com.

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