Senior center calendars bring whimsy to the new year

11 Feb

I’m pleased to bring you another of my East Extra Afterthoughts installments today.

Afterthoughts is a completely separate blog, where I’m reposting some of my favorite columns from when I was the Our Towns East Extra columnist for the Democrat and Chronicle.

This one was just simply fun to write about. Somehow I had found about a calendar that had been created by the residents of a Macedon senior living center, where they’d recreated scenes from famous movies. The photos they came up with were just delightful.

The column was originally published on Dec. 11, 2014.

Local calendar has fun with famous movie scenes

In real life, John Krawlec doesn’t look much like Jack Nicholson. But give him two-day-old stubble, have him poke his head through a shredded door with a crazed look on his face, and you can just hear him calling, “Heeeeeere’s Johnny!”

The photo, mimicking Nicholson’s famous scene from The Shining, is one of a dozen knock-off images from famous Hollywood movies included in a 2015 “Hollywood Walk of Fame” calendar created by the residents of Parkwood Heights senior living community in Macedon.

Each month features a different movie scene, re-created in hilarious detail by the men and women of Parkwood Heights.

In one, for example, Faye and John Ford re-enact the famous bow scene from Titanic, framed by a setting sun. In another, Tom Simpson converses with the Caddyshack woodchuck. Jane Bradley and her little dog “Buddy” make an adorable Dorothy and Toto.

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