No getting “tired” of this seasonal display

31 Mar

What do you do with a bunch of old tires that you don’t want to throw away? Paint ’em green and stack ’em up outside your business as a holiday tire tree!

That’s what Kevin Finn has done outside Finn’s Automotive on East Main St. I first noticed the “tree” back in December when it was decorated like a Christmas tree. In February, it was plastered with hearts for Valentine’s Day. In March it sported a St. Patrick’s Day theme.

Then just yesterday, just in time for Easter, the tire tree has sprouted bunny ears.

Next time you’re in the village, make sure to check out Finn’s whimsical tire tree; it’s sure to make you smile. (I can’t wait to see what Kevin has in store for later this spring and summer.)

* * *

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One Response to “No getting “tired” of this seasonal display”

  1. Kathy April 2, 2022 at 10:18 am #

    I thought it was a cactus! Cute idea.

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