Behind the scenes with Santa Claus

12 Dec

I’m pleased to bring you another of my East Extra Afterthoughts installments today.

Afterthoughts is a completely separate blog, where I’m reposting some of my favorite columns from when I was the Our Towns East Extra columnist for the Democrat and Chronicle.

This particular column was published two days before Christmas. Earlier that month I was struggling to come up with an appropriate holiday-themed piece. Then I remembered that I had met Santa himself, and immediately knew I’d hit on the perfect idea.

It was originally published on Dec. 23, 2014.

A Q&A with Santa Claus

I have pretty much the best job in the world. I mean, how many people actually get to interview Santa?

Fittingly, it was a cold, wintry day when I met Santa at his home. No, not his workshop at the North Pole, but on Lake Road in North Webster.

Outside, the home is trimmed with colorful lights and decorations, and four Santas adorn the front yard. Inside, the atmosphere is equally jolly, positively glowing with Christmas cheer. It’s the perfect setting from which a 71-year old Kodak retiree spreads holiday joy.

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(posted 12/12/2022)

2 Responses to “Behind the scenes with Santa Claus”

  1. James Lockwood December 12, 2022 at 8:24 pm #

    Thank you Missy, always love read your articles…let’s meet for a pint!

    • websterontheweb December 13, 2022 at 8:34 am #

      I would enjoy that very much, You name the time and place and I’ll be there 🙂

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