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It’s been a while, Mr. Lush

28 Jun

And….. he’s back!

Mr Lush.jpg

I’m talking about whoever it is that likes to toss empty liquor bottles on the grassy shoulder along Hatch Road near my neighborhood.

I first wrote about the guy I call the Hatch Road Lush ( I assume it’s a guy) back in 2011 when I first noticed the bottles. Back then the litter of choice was Black Velvet. What started out early in the spring as just a few quickly grew to more than 20 over several weeks.


Of course, I wrote a few blogs about what I was noticing. I speculated back then that someone was ditching the bottles as they drove by late at night, but it could also be that someone liked to take late-night walks and someone’s wife didn’t know that he was drinking.

Then all of a sudden the bottles not only miraculously disappeared, but they never returned again. Could have been a coincidence, but I like to think that Mr. Lush’s spouse read my blog and put two and two together.

Back in the summer of 2013, the bottles returned. But this time they weren’t Black Velvet. Our drinking and tossing friend has apparently switched to the less expensive (but still imported) Canadian Leaf whiskey.

Fast forward another four years and it appears that Mr. Lush has returned, and this year his booze of choice is vodka.

At least he’s not getting stuck in a rut.

* * *

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