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A quick shout out to the Troopers

12 Apr

MindyJust a quick note this morning to say congratulations and thank you to the New York State Police, who celebrate their 100th birthday this year.

My little sister Mindy served with the Troopers for 22 years, and I am so proud of her. I remember when we were living in Waterloo and she came home from the academy every weekend, filled with stories about the challenges they put the recruits through. I remember driving into Norwich, NY to check out the little town which would be her first posting. I remember surprising her at the Oakdale Mall, where she was working at a recruiting table.

And I have bragged about her more times than I can count. I cannot even imagine how difficult that job must have been.

So if you see a Trooper pass by this week, give him/her a hearty thank-you wave. As for me, I’m lucky,  because I can give my Trooper a hug when I see her.

* * *

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