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Corona or not, we need our fish fries

3 Apr

It’s Friday, it’s Lent, and world-stopping virus or not, we need our fish fries.

The D&C actually ran an article this morning (which can be seen online here)  about afish fry lot of places around town where you can get a fish fry today. I’d like to add to that list these three Webster Village restaurants, who feature these options on their websites, all which can be ordered for take-out:

Barry’s Old School Irish, 2 West Main St.

Fish n’ Chips ($13) — Irish cider-battered cod served with pub chippers and wrapped in local newspaper. Served with choice of either Irish curry sauce or homemade tartar sauce. Barry’s only serves this on Fridays and they always sell out, so call well ahead.

Carl’s Pizza Kitchen, 9 South Ave.

* Fish Fry ($13.99) 12 oz. panko-breaded haddock with french fries, mac salad or coleslaw and tartar sauce (Friday only!). Carl’s also has seafood bisque.

Pub 235, 235 North Ave.

* Haddock Dinner ($15) — a choice of beer-battered, panko-breaded or broiled. Served with a choice of two sides.

* Haddock French ($20) — Lightly egg-battered and sauteed in a sherry, lemon and wine sauce, over spaghettini pasta. Served with a side salad.

Webster Hots, 55 East Main St.

* Fish Sandwich ($5.99) — Beer-battered haddock on a hard roll

* Pub-style fish and chips ($8.99) — Platter with 8 oz. beer-battered cod and a double order of fries

* Fish Fry ($11.99) — Large beer-battered haddock fillet with fries and mac salad or cole slaw

Brimont Bistro (24 West Main) also offers fish, but not a traditional fish fry. And of course, there are plenty of places outside the village but in Webster where you can get one, so check online and let’s continue to support our local restaurants!

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