Silver Woods now developing … garbage?

29 Apr

My husband and I were taking our after-dinner stroll through the neighborhood last night when we came across this pile of garbage alongside the road:

What was interesting about this pile was it was deposited nowhere near any residence, but in a common green space at the entrance to the Silver Woods development off of Hatch Road.  I asked a passing neighbor about it, who said she first saw it there on Friday.  As of this morning, when I took these photos, it was still there.

So here are my questions: Did some inconsiderate blockhead dump it there because they missed their own garbage pick-up day? I prefer to think that maybe someone had cleaned up the nearby woodlot and left the results there to be picked up. You’d think that whoever had agreed to do that (Silver Woods management?) would have done so by now.

Whichever the case, whoever is responsible for that land (Silver Woods management?) should get on the ball and pick up the garbage. If I lived across the street from it, I’d be rather annoyed.

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