Thoughts from the Ridge

29 Apr

Heading to and from Barry’s Old School Irish last night for our weekly visit with good friends, good music and good drink, some thoughts came to mind:

The Firestone Store at 901 Ridge, between Five Mile Line and Hard roads, looks brand-spanking new. I remember getting a “Grand Re-opening!” advertisement in the mail from them recently. Might be worth checking out.

ESL Credit Union has apparently recently replaced their drive-up ATM machines. Make sure you get close enough, because otherwise you’ll have to be a contortionist to do everything.

There’s a house on the edge of the village that still has Christmas stars lining its eaves. Time to take them down, folks. With this week’s 30-degree temperatures, I can understand their confusion. Perhaps they should have taken them down in January when it was 80 degrees.

The gas price at the Sunoco at the corner of Five Mile Line is down to $4.00, while the village price is still $4.11.  WHY would anyone get their gas there?

Play It Again Sports has been gone from that little plaza for, what, many months now? Why does their sign still burn brightly at night?

And why, at 11:30 at night, why does the traffic light at the K-Mart Plaza/CVS still change to red for Ridge Road traffic without provocation? C’mon folks, that one needs to be taken off the timer.

I had the real pleasure of meeting Pat and Debbie Bush last night at Barry’s, the new owners of Webster Hots. I’ll be stopping by their place in the near future to see what they’ve been up to since buying the restaurant in December, and very soon will hopefully be able to help them spread news of some exciting changes they have in store. So stay tuned.

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