Pub full of new Webster friends help the Barrys celebrate

22 May

Hubby and and I had a terrific time Sunday afternoon at a surprise baby shower for Jessica Barry of Barry’s Old School Irish at Webster’s four corners. She and her husband Danny are expecting their first child in July, so naturally, friends and family had to throw her a shower.

Jessica was taken completely by surprise, which made the event a whole lot more fun. She thought she was going out to dinner at Sticky Lips with Danny and some other family members. But first, they stopped by the pub. It’s normally closed at that time of day, so she was a bit confused by the balloons and patio table decorations. She caught on pretty fast, though, when they pulled up in front and she saw family and friends spilling out the door to greet her.

Jessica and Danny Barry with a few of their gifts.

Baby showers are always fun affairs, but this one was particularly neat for one main reason: It was less than a year ago that Danny and Jessica Barry came to town to open up their new business.  Nobody knew who they were, just a couple of kids trying to start up another bar. One with a bakery attached, no less. (Go figure.)

Now, a mere nine months later, their little place was overflowing with Webster people who have come to know and love them.

Just a small sampling of the Barrys’ new friends who came out to celebrate.

The Wednesday afternoon gang was there, the Friday night regulars, and the Saturday night crowd. Debbie and Pat Bush from Webster Hots brought a whole tray of Jessica’s favorite chocolate chip brownies, and Mike Broikou from the Goodie Shop brought one of his incredible five-layer ice cream cakes.

It’s not often you see this kind of affection shown to pub owners by their patrons and fellow business owners. But that’s the kind of place Barry’s is, and that’s the kind of people the Barrys are. These kids aren’t just pub owners — they’re family.

P.S.  It seems like ages ago, but do you remember how ugly and embarrassing that southwest village corner was for years? Then Barry’s Old School Irish moved in and immediately improved it with a nice iron fence and patio seating. This summer Danny and Jessica have added some very nice gardens. Now it’s a corner Webster can be proud of.

Before. Ugly.

And now. Beautiful.

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