Village of Webster works to reclaim Main Street cemetery

22 May

A nice article in the Democrat and Chronicle a few days ago shed some light on a little-known piece of Webster history:  hidden along a busy stretch of East Main Street lies a pioneer cemetery.

You can see the parking lot the neighboring homeowners installed over the cemetery in this image from Google Maps.

It’s known as the Robb Cemetery, and the article does a good job of tracing its history, which stretches back as far as the early 1800s.  It’s even possible, the article says, that there are people buried there who fought in the Revolutionary War.

But what the article doesn’t tell us is exactly where the cemetery is.  That would be between 242 and 256 East Main Street, spitting distance from the gas station on the corner of Phillips Road.  And while it does mention that the property is abandoned — meaning no one has title to it — the neighboring homeowners decided a while ago to simply lay claim to it and pave it over for a parking lot.

I am very pleased to see the village taking steps to reclaim the land, remove the parking lot, and give those buried there the respect they deserve.

Read the D&C article about the Robb Cemetery here.


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