Operation School Supplies 2012: An update

27 Jun

In the craziness of the last week, what with the end of school, graduation, that mess at Bay View, and the distraction of preparing for a three-child graduation party this weekend, I totally forgot to post an update on Operation School Supplies 2012.

In a word, it was awesome.

This is what school-supply central (the language lab) looked like at Thomas.

This was the fourth year in a row that students and staff members of Webster Thomas High School and Willink and Spry middle schools teamed up with the non-profit organization Greenseed Educational Supplies to collect new and gently used school supplies which might otherwise have been thrown away at the end of the school year.  And for the first time this year, the staff at Plank Road North Elementary School also joined the effort.

I’m not sure how much the middle schools were able to collect, but I do know that last week I carted 46 BOXES packed with supplies from Thomas High School to the school-supply command center (a spacious science classroom) at Eastridge High School.  They included (big breath here…) 465 three-ring binders, 230 2-pocket folders, 114 spiral notebooks, 66 composition notebooks, 17 cloth book covers, 16 packages of graph paper, 16 packages of index cards, 15 pencil cases, 13 trapper-keepers, 10 boxes of colored pencils, 3 big boxes of loose-leaf paper, plus hundreds of pens and pencils, glue sticks, locker accessories, crayons, markers, pocket dictionaries, string backpacks, sheet protectors, tab dividers, manila file folders, hanging files, and more.


That’s definitely a lot more than we got last year, and that’s a credit to the people at Thomas High School.  Actually, the Webster school district in general has historically been one of effort’s biggest contributors.  According to Mitch Nellis, the mastermind behind this operation,

 Webster has been one of the most generous districts with regard to donating school supplies to our cause. Each year (Webster) schools continue to surprise us with how much they contribute.  We currently work with roughly 18 organizations including numerous city schools to provide supplies that students and teachers would otherwise have to go without.  With budgets being tightened everywhere, Webster Central School District is providing a very necessary charitable service.

Atta way, Webster!

Three of the young volunteers in the command center at Eastridge High. The bulk of the supplies had not yet arrived.

But the kids had everything organized and ready for action when the supplies did start rolling in.

This was the scene in the hallway literally three hours before the school representatives started arriving to choose supplies.

Just a few hours later everything was sorted into boxes and divvied up into separate rooms according to the kind of supplies.

Let the distribution begin!



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