Thumbs down to arsonists

30 Jun

The D&C Saturday morning posted a “thumbs down” in their opinion section to the mindless fools who torched the Bay View YMCA climbing tower a week ago.

It reads:

THUMBS DOWN for the mindless arsonist(s) who Monroe County Fire Bureau say brought on the destruction of a beloved 40-foot climbing tower at the Bay View Family YMCA on Bay Road. Before being reduced to ashes and rubble, this structure was integral to the Bay View Y’s fun, character-building summer camps. The YMCA is trying to raise $100,000 to replace the tower. If you are willing to contribute, please visit or call (585) 341-4084.

Thanks so much to the editorial staff for recognizing what a blow this was to the Bay View campers.   I’m still hoping that someone hears something said by somebody, and the jerks who did this will be brought to justice.  So please keep your ears open.

The good news is, donations are coming in and plans are in the works for fund-raisers.  Stay tuned for more details.

* * *

On a different note, I’ve been a little out of commission these last few days as I try to pull together a graduation party on Sunday for my three children.  My eldest daughter just graduated with her Master’s degree from UB, my son with a music degree from Nazareth College and my youngest daughter from Schroeder High School. We figured one big graduation party would be easier and cheaper.

I wasn’t, however, counting on the stress.

So if I don’t post anything tomorrow morning, that means I’m knee-deep in party prep.  Have a wonderful, safe summer weekend.

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