On turning lanes and tossing butts

6 Aug

You know, I swear that sometimes road crews do things just for the sake of changing things, whether they need changing or not.

I fail to understand the rationale behind reconfiguring the road markings at the Plank Road/Empire Blvd. intersection.  Basically, as you drive west along Plank Road and approach Empire Boulevard to turn south, the Powers That Be have decided you need to first angle your car decidedly north, almost like you’re making a right-hand turn instead of left.

I could understand if the old orientation made it difficult to see the newly installed traffic lights. I could understand if previously, cars turning onto Plank Road were cutting the lanes. But neither one is the case. So the change seems pretty arbitrary.

I’m apparently not the only one who thinks so, either. I watched traffic pass through that intersection for about 5 minutes.  A good half the cars (maybe closer to 75%) ignored the new lines.


I am SO sick of seeing cigarette smokers throw their butts out their car windows. The street is not your personal ashtray, folks.

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