Sandbar Park: A corner of Webster I’d never seen

9 Aug

I checked off one more item from my Webster Bucket List recently. Despite having lived in Webster for almost 16 years, I had never — before this week — visited Sandbar Park up on the lake.

I had never actually heard about Sandbar Park until someone submitted it to my bucket list, and even then it’s taken me a year to actually go up and check it out. I was pleasantly surprised.

Sandbar Park (for the benefit of those of you who have also never been there) is a grassy, tree-lined strip of land on the north side of Lake Road, directly across from the Bay Side Pub. It’s a Town of Webster park, perhaps 250 yards long, and dotted with picnic tables and grills. The shoreline is very rocky, and there’s no swimming, but it’s pretty easy to climb down the large rocks to get closer to the lake.

This would be a very pleasant place for lunch. But I understand the park’s real draw is the vantage point it offers for some spectacular sunsets.  As one website described it,

The vantage point offered from this park, angled slightly toward the west, positions the setting sun further out over water compared to the lakeside parks west of here. Although Webster Beach Park, just down the road to the east, generally serves up better sunset viewing, Sandbar Park is special in that it is relatively unknown, offering a more intimate setting, and doesn’t have the foul odor the cove at Webster Beach seems to collect. (

I have a feeling this will not be the last time I spend some time at Sandbar Park.

There’s even history here!


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