Odds ‘n’ ends

16 Aug

I’m not going to call this my mailbag this week, because a few of these items I did not hear about in my mail.

First, one event this weekend to let you know about:

The Webster Warriors volleyball team is hosting a mattress fundraiser on Saturday August 18. (Yes, you heard right.)  Basically, a mattress store will be set up in the Schroeder gymnasium from 1-7 pm.  They’re brand-name mattresses in all sizes and price ranges, complete with factory warranty. The organization will also deliver your purchase and and pick up the old set.

I’m told that the salespeople do not work on commission, and because there’s no overhead, prices are 30-65% below retail. All forms of payment are accepted and layaway is available.

The event will benefit the Warrior Girls Volleyball program, helping defray costs for gear, training, and team events from
modified to varsity level. Click here for more information and a $50 coupon.

* * *

Now, a nice little story that I heard about through the grapevine.

For the last three years, Webster residents Dave and Cathy Smith have hosted a S’more Fest for friends and family. This year’s, though, was a very special one, because it coincided with a very happy occasion. Their youngest son Matt (a Thomas High School graduate) had recently returned home from the Navy after four years of service.

Matt was based in Guam, but as an anti-terrorist specialist, he was sent on many missions.  Since he had not seen a Webster summer in four years, he had also not been to any of the previous S’more Fests. So his very proud parents made sure this one was extra-memorable, with a pig roast catered by Pringle Barbecue and Catering, and fireworks to cap off the evening.  The Smiths hosted about 55 people at the party.

Now that Matt’s home for good, he volunteers for the Legal Services Project of Monroe County and will graduate with his bachelors degree in accounting in December, after which he plans to attend law school.

Here are a few photos from the party:

(L-R) Matt Smith, his dad Dave, caterers Jeremy and Jessie Pringle

Matt’s big brother Brad, Jessica Griffith and Steve Hondorf

Family and friends

Now I’m going to take a page from the D&C and tell you about a few stories I’m working on (my theory is that now that you know about them, I might be motivated to actually write them):

The school year is fast approaching, and some big changes are afoot. There are new start times — which are significantly earlier for some schools — and some redistricting (which the district likes to call “rebalancing”).

The Working Class Theatre Company is going to be back in Webster this fall with a production at the Harmony House. You may even see them here more often in the future, if things work out.

A local organization wants to teach Webster to sing.  Interested?

Big news from the Webster Herald about a big move they’ll be making.

More to come on all these stories, so stay tuned.

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