The Maplewood? Where’s THAT?

16 Aug

One of the Village of Webster’s most established businesses is having a coming-out party.

The Maplewood Nursing and Rehabilitation home on Daniel Drive is close to completing a year-long construction project which will ultimately create a new Main Street entrance for the facility.

You’ll notice I didn’t call The Maplewood one of the Webster’s most “well-known” businesses. Despite having settled on Daniel Drive in 1976, because it’s tucked back off of Main Street, a lot of people don’t even know it’s there. And that’s the problem.  Administrator Greg Chambery explained,

For some businesses, being tucked away on a little side street is an advantage but for The Maplewood it’s been a hardship and a challenge. Time and again we miss being able to help people because they don’t know about us.

Click on the image to get a closer look at the planned driveway.

So more than a year ago, plans were put in motion to create a brand new Main Street entrance. You’ve no doubt seen the construction equipment parked up there on West Main. Look just beyond it and down the hill, and you’ll also notice something you haven’t been able to easily see from that vantage point before: The Maplewood.

The new driveway will be located between 93 West Main (The Dean House) and 109 West Main (Webster Automotive). The reconfigured entrance will also provide additional parking for residents, families and visitors, which will greatly reduce the crowding which often occurs in the existing lots.

But the part of the plan I particularly like is the new wheelchair ramp which will lead directly from the facility up to Main Street. Its switchback design and handicapped-accessible grade will allow residents and their families to easily navigate the rather steep hill between The Maplewood and Main Street, rather than having to travel all the way around Daniel Drive.  This feature alone will do wonders to help residents attend village events and really become a part of the local community. Or, as Chambery put it, it will “pull the nursing home into the village and village to the nursing home”

Construction should be completed by early October.

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