The end of an era.

22 Aug

The way it was.

It was a sad day along Empire Blvd. today. The Lipinski sign, which has stood tall and proud at the corner of Terrel Drive for more years than I can remember, finally came down.

It was more than four years ago that the corner hardware store closed its doors and the property’s new owners completely gutted the old building, turning it into the gingerbread-house-like strip plaza that it is now.  Several new tenants have moved in over the years (and one came and left), but through it all the sign has stood tall, almost in defiance of the redevelopment.

I had heard from a friend that this day would soon be coming, but secretly I hoped it never would. I always enjoyed seeing the Lipinski Bros. sign every time I passed by. To me it was a sign of simpler times, of family-owned businesses where the owners knew your name and greeted you personally every time you walked in.

So I guess this is a final good-bye to Lipinski Bros., our old friends. We will miss you.

The scene today at what I will forever and always refer to as “Lipinski’s Corner.”

This was a sad sight.

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