Webster is pulling together to rebuild tower

23 Aug

The Webster community has been pulling together in a big way to help raise funds to rebuild the Bay View Family YMCA Climbing Tower.

You probably remember what happened: On June 24, the day before summer camp began, the 45-foot climbing tower at the Bay View Family YMCA was set on fire by arsonists. The entire tower was destroyed, including much of the climbing equipment and the popular zip line feature. It was a devastating blow to the YMCA community, all of the kids who used it every day at camp, and the families who tackled its challenges each evening.

Insurance did not completely cover the cost of replacing the wall, so fund-raising efforts began almost immediately. The campers even got involved. The preschoolers put out jars to collect change. Camp Bay View camper Joey Gerard has already raised thousands by selling woven bracelets.

But lots more money is needed, because the Y has some ambitious plans for the new tower. As they describe in one flyer:

The vision for the Bay View Family YMCA is the development of a multi-sided climbing structure that accommodates five climbers at one time on automatic hydraulic belays. In addition, a stair tower would be constructed to support dual zip lines allowing multiple children and adults to simultaneously zip. The YMCA is also seeking to enhance the surrounding area for children to “boulder” before actually climbing a tower. Bouldering provides children a wonderful introduction to rock climbing at a low height.

What is particularly exciting about the plans is that everything will be handicap-accessible, including the zip-line.

YMCA staff members, local business people and community leaders have already met several times to determine the best ways to raise the big money needed for these big plans.  They’re developed a two-pronged approach: solicit corporate sponsorship donations (for the bigger money) and hold an awesomely entertaining fund-raising event for everybody who doesn’t have big money, but still wants to help out in some way.

Here are some details:

If you work at a business which would like to become a corporate sponsor for this effort, there are several levels available, starting at $500. All include your company’s name permanently displayed on a plaque at the new climbing center.  Click here  to download a brochure with more details.

If you would like to attend an awesomely entertaining fund-raising event to show your support, you’re in luck.  A huge Food Truck Rodeo and Family Festival is being planned for Friday Sept. 14 at the Damascus Shrine Center, 979 Bay Road in Webster. If you’ve never heard about these things (I hadn’t), basically a Food Truck Rodeo is when a whole bunch of food trucks descend on one place at one time. It’s kind of like a mini State Fair, with all kinds of great dinner and dessert items at your fingertips. These events are apparently very popular, so much so that their fans follow them around.

This event will also feature lots of things for both kids and adults. Details are still being finalized, but there are plans for a bounce house and/or obstacle course, a dunk booth, face painting, live entertainment, raffles and more.  Plus lots of food, of course.

Once again, here are the details:

Food Truck Rodeo and Family Festival
to benefit the Rebuild the Climbing Wall Fund of the Bay View Family YMCA
Friday, September 14, 5-9 pm
Damascus Shrine Center, 979 Bay Road, Webster

Click here to go the event’s Facebook page for more information

If you or someone you know can donate a raffle prize for this event, please let me know by emailing me at missyblog@gmail.com. All businesses who donate a prize will be recognized on big signboards placed at the entrance to the festival.


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