Webster withstands Hurricane Sandy

30 Oct

Downed trees block Five Mile Line Road in Penfield. (Screen capture from D&C video by Jamie Germano.)

It could have been much worse. And I dare say, I think we were all expecting Sandy to hit us harder than she did.  But fortunately — as is often the case — the predictions of gloom and doom were not completely fulfilled.

Not to say things aren’t bad out there this morning, for thousands of Webster residents. Especially along the lake shore, there’s water in basements, trees are down, lines are down, and thousands are without power. And since the problem is so widespread, it may take a long time for everyone to get it back again.

But for most of us away from the lake, aside from some extra detritus in the yard and a leaky roof or two, we fared pretty well. After all, I got a day off of school, most of the leaves are down from the trees now, which will allow me to finish up my yard work weeks ahead of time, and the outlet bridge got swung into place a few bonus days ahead of schedule (boy, did THAT little bit of news light up my blog!). We’re also pretty fortunate that this all blew through last night and not Wednesday night.  And thank goodness it wasn’t snow.  Yikes.

Still, take care when you’re out on the roads today, because several of them are closed and more branches may yet come down.  Here’s an update from the D&C of the roads that are closed this morning:

As of 8 a.m. Tuesday, the following roads are closed: Stone Road, between Castleford and Willis in Greece; Latta Road, between Silver Fox Lane and Castle Creek in Greece; 5 Mile Line Road, between Whalen and Route 286 in Penfield; Lake Road, between Pellet and Baker in Webster; Holt Road, between Nestwood and Shoemaker in Webster; East Avenue, between Anita and Sweden Walker Road in Sweden; Roosevelt Highway, between Route 260 and Hamlin Parma Town Line Road in Hamlin; and, True Hickory Drive, off of Hemlock Woods Lane in Greece.

The Webster Recreation Center is also closed to the public today, as it has been designated an emergency shelter. The Webster Lunch 60 Program will also no run today.

How did you and yours survive the storm? Did you have any significant damage to your home?  Feel free to comment and share your stories, and send along some photos for my blog if you’d like.


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