Halloweening at the schools

31 Oct

You know it’s a pretty cool high school when the staff members there are encouraged to dress up for Halloween.

Webster Thomas principal Glenn Widor not only encouraged staff participation, he suggested a theme — zombies — which is why the Thomas hallways were filled with the walking dead today.  The administrators in particular really got into it, so much so it was disturbing having to talk with them face-to-face.

Believe it or not, these zombies are Assistant Principal Mike Smith, AP Mary Kidd, Principal Glenn Widor, AP Sue Clark and AP Brian Weller.

But Thomas was certainly not the only school where the staff got into the act. My friend Sarah King at Plank North sent me these photos of some of the teachers over there:

Mr. Heveron is a tall penguin.

Mrs. Weinmann the pirate.

Principal Dave Peter was the game “Operation,” complete with a pair of tongs.

Mr. Schoff is … one scary dude.

Mrs. Fuss is “Smarty Pants.” Clever.

Mrs. Pawluk as candy corn.

Ms. King the witch.

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