Webster Marching Band making Webster proud again

13 Nov

Cadets (in red) present the Cadet Award to Webster Marching Band members Tess Storace, Emily Dorsey, Jake Cobb, Katie Hackett and Samantha Toms.

Congratulations go out to the Webster Marching Band on several accounts this morning. The kids just returned from a the US Bands National Open Class 3 Championship competition at Met Life Stadium in New Jersey, where they placed 7th out of 24 bands. That alone was a great accomplishment. But on top of that, the band also won the Cadet Award for Achievement in Effect, Creativity and Excellence.

And not only THAT.  Since they were heading down to the New York area, the band families decided to take the opportunity to do something great for the folks down there who are still suffering from the effects of Hurricane Sandy. They got together and filled a van with donations, which they handed over to the Salvation Army collection point at the stadium.

What is particularly neat about this effort is how quickly the word spread and how quickly the band family came together to help out.  Band mom Janet Sander sent out the original message last Sunday morning, and by practice Monday evening, donations were already beginning to pile up. Band families passed the word on their Facebook pages and told their extended families, friends and co-workers. Offers to stuff their own personal vehicles started coming in from parents who were planning to drive down on their own.  The result was a van — and more — filled to capacity with food, coats, batteries, diapers, toiletries and cleaning supplies.

Yet another reason this band makes Webster proud.

The Sander van stuffed full, ready to head to New Jersey.

Senior band members present a $500 check to the Salvation Army.


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