Webster students and staff will be in the pink tomorrow

12 Nov

The halls of Webster Thomas High School will be flowing with pink tomorrow as every Thomas staff member — and hopefully every student — will be wearing pink.

It’s all part of the international “Stand Up to Bullying Day” initiative. It began last week when students were all shown a video about two high school students in Nova Scotia who stood up for a younger student who was being harassed by classmates because he wore a pink shirt.  The students decided to make a statement by wearing pink shirts themselves.  Before long, other students joined them, and the “Pink Day” cause spread around the world.  (You can see the video here).

Thomas seniors pledge to be “upstanders” by signing staff shirts in the Thomas library: (L-R) Emily Simons, Caitlin Francz, Ally Lovgren, Amanda Vallone, Molly DeBacco, Lexi Sciarrone, Josh Caccamise, Joe Mikiciuk

The basic idea behind “Pink Day” is that all students have the power to make school a safer place through their actions and by becoming “upstanders,” someone who acts or says something when they see someone being mistreated.

Thomas’ Pink Day effort began last week, when students could pledge to not harass others by signing their names to staff members’ pink shirts. Tomorrow, staff members will wear those shirts to school, filled with student signatures. Students have also been asked to wear pink, and show their support as upstanders, dedicated to keeping the schools safe for everyone.

The Pink Activity is happening in all four secondary buildings in early November in collaboration with the PTSA.

I truly hope this becomes an annual event. Bullying in our schools has gotten out of hand. Like a virus, it has been very difficult to eradicate.  Trying to deal with it from the top down has clearly not worked.  I commend the school district for jumping on the “Pink” bandwagon and getting the students themselves more involved.  Bullies don’t care what the administrators will do. They will care about what their peers say.

Maybe by the time my grandchildren attend school, we’ll have seen the end to bullying once and for all.




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