My pledge to shop local this Christmas

15 Nov


If you’re on my Christmas list (you know who you are) you might NOT want to read today’s blog.

* * * *

 I’m going to try something new this Christmas. I’m going to buy local.

I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that this is a new concept for me.  Like most people, I’m a big Kmart/Walmart/Kohl’s/Target shopper when it comes to the holidays.  But after all these years I’m beginning to get tired of the same old, same old.  I feel the need to get more creative in my gift-giving.

So I’m going to try to keep my Christmas dollars in the village as much as possible. It doesn’t hurt that Webster has so many wonderful little shops with such a wonderful variety of gift ideas.  And it doesn’t hurt that I’ve come to know so many of our village’s small business owners and really want to support them.

So I’m going to try my best to shop local this year. I know, for example, that my kids will definitely want one of Barry’s Old School Irish’s new t-shirts or hoodies. I know someone on my list who just LOVES Nest Things. (That place is a gift-giver’s dream store.)  I’m thinking a stop by The Music Store would be a good idea for my son the musician, who can never own enough things to beat, strum, pick, or fiddle with. And I haven’t even begun to list all the people who would like gift baskets or stocking stuffers from Webster Gourmet.  And books?  I don’t have small children anymore, but I’m sure someone on my list would love a book or two or five from Yesterday’s Muse.

And that’s just a start. I figure I can get my entire list taken care of in one day.  And I know the day.

Small Business Saturday is coming up on November 24.  Yes, that’s the day following Black Friday, a day I never ever venture out onto the roads. On Black Friday, not only is Ridge Road backed up for miles, but the process of entering and exiting Towne Center Plaza becomes an hour-long ordeal, a situation which will repeat itself every weekend until Christmas.

The following day, however, the traffic through the village will be very manageable, and the parking plentiful. So that is when I will be finishing up my Christmas shopping. You’ll find me strolling through the village of Webster, or perhaps hanging out at Barry’s warming my hands around a hot chocolate before heading out for round two.  Hope to see you there.

By the way, click here to download a whole slew of money-saving coupons courtesy our Webster Village businesses.


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