New Van Ingen Drive an improvement

18 Nov

When I was out and about today I noticed that the Van Ingen Drive project has been completed.  Last month the town ripped up the old Van Ingen Drive behind the library and rerouted it, as part of a deal with the Webster Plaza owners, who wanted to expand their parking.  (See the blog I wrote about the project here.)

It’s really pretty nice. The road is wider and smoother. They took out some parkland, but there’s still plenty of green space there and the park entrance has remained unchanged. But the best thing I like about it is the road’s exit point onto Hard Road.  The old road did not allow a left-hand turn onto Hard Road, which was a real pain in the butt. If you wanted to go south on Hard, you had to exit at the traffic light at Kmart Plaza.  And that’s a long wait.

But not only can you turn left from Van Ingen Drive now, there’s even a left turn lane.  It’s a definite improvement. (And makes an already great secret Christmas-shopping shortcut even better.)

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