D&C contributors gather for some holiday cheer

20 Dec

A few days ago I had the pleasure of attending a social gathering hosted by the Democrat and Chronicle for their bloggers and contributors.   D&C editors held the party as a thank you to the 100 or so community members who write blogs, articles, columns, editorial pieces, and more for their website and print editions.

I dragged my husband downtown with me, partly because he is my journalistic inspiration, but mostly because he himself worked at the D&C  for 16 years, and I knew he’d enjoy seeing some old friends.  That was indeed the case, and while he chatted with his former D&C colleagues, I chatted with my community blogger colleagues including Gary Gocek (Fairport), Donna DePalma (Pittsford), Lou Singer (Penfield), Terryn Maybeck (Victor), Ruth Thaler-Carter (Brighton) and fellow Webster blogger Rod Spratling. I also reacquainted with an old friend, Terry Schumacher, whom I haven’t seen since our kids were toddlers, and we were in the Fairport Moms Club together 20 years ago.

Plus, I met lots of new people and had lots of pleasant conversations, something that’s very easy to do when you’re with a bunch of writers. (If you’ve never noticed before, people who like to write also like to talk.)  So the evening flew by, and before we knew it, it was time for a group photo, one last cup of punch and a friendly wave goodbye.

Thank you to the D&C editors for hosting the event. But mostly, thank you to all my readers who keep coming back every day to see what I have to say…even though it’s not always very interesting. It’s your support that keeps me going, and lets me be a part of this great bunch of crazy writers.


D&C writers, bloggers and editors gathered for a group photo before the party broke up.


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