Lighting up the holidays — and the night sky

20 Dec

Well, we’re finally supposed to get some measurable snow this weekend, so I thought today might be a good day to post my Exceptional Christmas Lights blog.

I did, indeed, go out several days ago in search of awesome outdoor light displays — particularly in search of a few especially nice displays that my readers suggested.  Well, to be more specific, the TWO displays that my readers suggested. (That’s not counting the one my friend Edna in Fairport wants me to go see out there.  “YOU HAVE TO GO TO BEAUMONT!” she wrote. Even wrote it on my Christmas card.) No, the two local displays that readers wrote to me about were on Klem Road just east of Route 250, and on Yorktown Drive just off of Plank Road.

This house is just east of Rt. 250 on Klem Road. I love the frog.

Now, the one on Klem is nice. But nothing can compare to the display that lights up the sky — literally — on Yorktown every year.  I chatted briefly to the homeowner when I was there, who told me that every year he tries to add a new element. This year it was the 6-foot-tall dancing, singing, motion-activated Santa at the end of the driveway. He also installed reflectors on the neighboring lawns to reduce damage from the constant traffic. The display is so well known that it has become a regular stop on senior citizen bus tours;  the owner told me that ten vans came through the night before.

Here are a few photos of individual portions of the display.  But the photos don’t really do it justice, so I also took video. CLICK HERE to see the video.   His back yard is almost as impressive, but I didn’t get any photos of that. If you want to see this one for yourself, Yorktown runs between Plank Road and Creek Street, but the house is closer to the Plank Road end. Just look for the glow.

Click on either of the photos to get a closer look, or click on the link above to see a video.

And I just had to include these photos from our own little village. The lights aren’t nearly as impressive, but I love the snowflakes and the twinkly lights in the trees, and the garland of lights wrapped around the gazebo. Simple and classic, and pure Webster.

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