Another way you can show your support

30 Dec

I just found out about another great way people can help show their support for our fallen firefighters. Debbie McCabe sent me this email:

I have been made aware of another avenue for the Webster Community to pay their respects to Lt. 7Chiapperini. Community members have been requested to line the route of the funeral procession that will take on Sunday from Schroeder High School to the cemetery on Maple Road. Bystanders can wave banners/flags or simply show their support by lining the procession route. Parking could probably be found at the movie theatre, the VNA, or Abbotts. Timing is somewhat tenuous at this point, however 1:15 – 1:30 is a reasonable estimate -the memorial service is slated to start at noon and the procession will make a final pass by the firehouse before heading to Maple.

I will be there.

Please continue to let me know of other ways people can help — especially non-monetary ways — so I can pass them onto the community at large.

P.S.  I also just saw an email from Principal Glenn Widor at Webster Thomas High School which touched my heart and I wanted to pass along:

The Webster Central School District family is keeping the loved ones of Lt. Michael Chiapperini and Webster Thomas graduate Tomasz Kaczowka in our thoughts and prayers following the tragic events on Christmas Eve.

 At the request of Lt. Chiapperini’s and Tomasz Kaczowka’s families, our district is honored to open its doors to the community – and the nation.   This weekend, both high school buildings will provide a place for our community to gather, mourn, and begin to heal, following the unthinkable events that occurred just a few days ago. We salute Webster’s fallen heroes – Lt. Mike and Tomasz — and the legacy of public service and selflessness they leave to their loved ones and our community.

 This Sunday, Webster Thomas is hosting a meal in the Field House after the funeral service for Lt Michael Chiapperini at Schroeder. 

Wegmans is donating all the food. (Wow.) A follow-up email indicated that he had a tremendous response to his call for helpers to set up and clean up, but this would be a great chance to gather with people from all over our town, the state, the nation, and the world, and start to heal.

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