Trying to keep on top of this weekend

30 Dec

So much is happening so fast this weekend. Reports are coming in fast and furious about funeral arrangements, volunteer opportunities, businesses stepping forward to provide goods and services, hotel rooms being paid for, random acts of kindness of all shapes and sizes.

I know that a lot of people rely on my blog to report on what’s happening around town, and I have been trying my best in the last few days to do that.  But if I wrote a blog each time I heard about another wonderful thing happening in our community this weekend, I’d be posting three blogs an hour.

So what I will try to do, instead, is post updates on my Webster Blog Facebook page.  I know that not everyone is on Facebook, so I will try to gather some of the more important notes into a blog tomorrow morning.

In the meantime, I do want to bring a few things to your attention:

Click here to read the beautiful story in this morning’s D&C by Tiffany Lankes about yesterday’s calling hours.

Click here to see the Prayers and Support for Webster Firefighters Facebook page, which has become a clearinghouse for requests for donations of time and goods.

And you gotta see this: 13WHAM is preparing an end-of-year retrospective, and has posted a preview of the part about the Webster tragedy.  It is very moving. See it here.


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