From the Town of Webster to everyone: Thank you

21 Jan

I am pleased to post the following letter from Webster Supervisor Ron Nesbitt to the Webster community, and everyone else who so selflessly gave their time, talents, and prayers during the very difficult events of Christmas Eve and the weeks that followed:

After the senseless tragedies that happened in the Town of Webster on Christmas Eve where Lieutenant Michael Chiapperini and Tomasz Kaczowka where gunned down and where Joseph Hofstetter and Theodore Scardino were seriously injured, I wanted to come out and personally thank the communities in Monroe County and beyond.

The outpouring of support and caring from all over the community, the United States and the world has been a great inspiration to me and the community of Webster. I, along with the Webster Police Department and the West Webster Fire Department, have received words of sympathy and wisdom from as far away as Australia and world wide.

Locally, County Executive Maggie Brooks stood by with county-wide assistance with any and all help available from county government.  My Supervisor colleagues, mayors, and many other government agencies state wide offered to come to Webster with any and all support necessary to lessen the burden of this tragedy.

On that tragic day I saw firsthand from the command post established on Bay Road just how dedicated the first responders where to this horrific criminal act. New York State Troopers, Sheriff’s Deputies, Border Patrol and other police agencies within Monroe County and New York State worked in tandem to assist with and coordinate the investigation.  Our own Webster Police, devastated with the loss of one of their own, continued to work and assist in doing their jobs in the face of uncontrollable grief.

Fire fighters from the West Webster Fire Department, quite visibly shaken by the loss of two of their fellow firemen, continued to stand by to put out the fires on Lake Road and to be of assistance at the scene. Fire fighters from all over Monroe County assisted West Webster in back filling the station plus providing support where needed.

The Webster Central School District was outstanding in allowing the Webster Police and West Webster Firemen access to Schroeder High School for the calling hours of our fallen heroes and the service for Lt. Chiapperini.  The attendance of the world wide support and lines of grieving community members were testimony to how loved Chip and Tomasz where to everyone in Webster.

We send our love and continued support to fire fighters Ted Scardino and Joe Hofstetter for a continued and speedy recovery.  Thank you also to Greece Police Officer John Ritter for your quick actions on behalf of the Webster community.  I want to reiterate to these brave men that if there is anything that they and their families need, there is more than just the Webster community ready and willing to help them in any way possible.

To the families who lost their homes on Lake Road to the horrific fires – we stand ready to help you rebuild your lives and homes. The Town Board will waive all fees needed to rebuild and many other agencies have offered support and assistance to you in this trying time for you. A complete list of helping builders, electricians, engineers are available at Town Hall. Please contact us for any and all assistance that you need going forward.

Thank you to the many volunteers who donated their time and resources in support of these heroes and their families.  From setting up vigils, to coordinating food efforts and fundraisers; thank you for the support to all the families involved.

Webster’s motto is, “Where Life is Worth Living”, and I wouldn’t change a thing about living here.  However, I do need to thank everyone for coming together in our time of need with your outpouring of support and love for the Webster community – thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

Our town continues to grieve but we will move forward.  We are a resilient community and while we will never forget Chip and Tomasz, the support of our extended community has helped us all to move forward.  Once again, thank you.

Ronald W. Nesbitt, Supervisor

Town of Webster


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