You can keep Florida. I like my Webster.

25 Jan

A family sledding trip to Webster Park. Photo by Kim Runnells.

Winter in Webster is kind of a boring time of year. Around December first, we all retreat into our homes for three straight months, venturing out again only when we hear birds chirping and see blue sky.

With some notable exceptions, all of the festivals and outdoor music and special events in the village also go on hiatus for winter. Business owners put away their patio furniture. It’s easy to find a parking spot on Main Street  (when they’ve been sufficiently plowed, that is).

Yup, winter in Webster is cold and miserable.  But only if you look at it that way.

Webster winters are also incredibly beautiful.  The lake shore at this time of year is spectacular.  A walk in any of our parks when there’s snow on the ground is like strolling through an enchanted forest, so peaceful and so quiet that you can actually think.  For that matter, you just have to look out your window into your front yard to enjoy the simple beauty of snow-covered trees and bushes.

And there’s even still plenty of things to do around town during the winter months, both indoor and outdoor. There’s free ice skating at the Rec Center, for example.  A snowmobiling event for children with special needs. The White Christmas in the Village Holiday Parade of Lights. Sledding at Webster Park.  Library events. Church concerts.  If you’re looking for something to do, just ask anyone who had kids home from school over Christmas Break.

I was thinking about all this this morning as I wrote an email to a friend who’s lounging on a beach in southern Florida. Naturally, I was pointing out the differences in temperature we were experiencing. But I stopped short of whining about it.

Right then, I realized that I don’t mind the cold so much. I COULD do without the snow, thank you, at least on the roads. (People drive so stupid.) And I don’t even mind shoveling. I look at it as a good workout, and I much prefer it over raking leaves.

No, I think we’re fortunate to have four distinct seasons. Springs that come back to life with flowering trees and baby birds; warm and sunny summers that invite outdoor concerts and romantic evening walks along the lake; autumns that explode with color; and yes, winters that aren’t afraid to be winters, with just enough snow to go sledding and snowshoeing, and every once in a while a bonus day off of school.  And funny thing about our seasons: they’re just long enough so that one comes to a close, we’re ready for the next one.

No, I’ve pretty much decided that going to Florida occasionally might be nice, but I wouldn’t give up living here in Webster for anything.


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