Is it prom season ALREADY?

9 Feb

These are prom dresses?

Obviously it must be, because we got a glossy flier in the mail yesterday plastered with seductive photos of models wearing this season’s latest prom fashions and striking various “come-hither” poses. It was from The Jacqueline Shoppe, “Your Prom Specialty Store,” in Williamsville. (I guess being a “specialty store” is why it’s a “shoppe” and not a “shop.”)

When I saw the flier, several questions immediately came to mind.  Like, how did a dress shop in Buffalo get my daughter’s address?  How old ARE those “high school girls” in that catalog, really? I’m guessing several of them failed senior year at least a dozen times if they’re still in high school.  And why are you still sending us these things when my daughter graduated last year?

But mostly, as I look at it, I wonder what high school proms have come to.  I swear, some of the dresses in that are little more than bustiers.  The ones that do have some fabric to them are see-through, feathered, and almost exclusively strapless (I wonder how they’re even staying up on some of these “girls.”)  They have names like “Night Moves,” “Flirt,” and “LaFemme.” So much for just going to a prom to dance.

I posted a blog about this subject exactly one year ago, the first time I got a flier from this “shoppe.”  I pretty much had the same reaction back then. I wrote,

We got a flier in the mail the other day advertising prom dresses. Like a good mother, I looked it over, thoughtfully examining this year’s styles and colors. Then I said, “Sure, maybe I could buy one of these for Erin. That is, if I really want her to go to the prom looking like a hooker.”

I mean, really. Have you SEEN some of these dresses? It’s like they’ve taken inspiration from Madonna during her Disturbing Wardrobe Period.  Or Elton John. Honestly, a few of the dresses reminded me of  John’s feather costume when he played “Crocodile Rock” on The Muppet Show. And then there’s the one that looks like a cross between a cocktail waitress and a French maid. Sheesh.

I know that prom season is a fun and exciting time in every girl’s life. But I have never understood the need to drop a month’s salary on a designer dress you’ll wear once, shoes which are impossible to walk in and will be off your feet in 15 minutes, limousines, pre-dinners, post-dinners…all on top of prom tickets which can cost $50 or more each.

When did a nice, romantic school dance with your best guy turn into such a overblown production? Just go out there, kids, have fun, make good decisions and be safe. And as for each one of you young ladies, remember that you are a beautiful person already; you don’t need to sell yourself.


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