Village Republican party announces candidates

9 Feb

The village political season has begun.

The Republican Party in Webster has officially announced its slate of candidates for Village Board.  In doing so, they didn’t hand us any surprises.  Three positions on the Board are up for grabs — two trustee seats and mayor — and the three people who are currently holding those positions are running for re-election.  They are Trustee David Kildal, Trustee Christine Reynolds and Mayor Peter Elder. The three candidates have also earned the endorsement of the Conservative and Independence parties; it’s the first time any village candidates have received all three endorsements.

I don’t think the election is going to be a cakewalk this year.  If you put your ear to Main Street you’ll hear some definite rumblings from residents who are not happy with the current Board’s policies, especially with regards to the Monroe County Water issue.  So as soon as the Democrats announce their candidates, I think things are going to get very interesting.

I look forward to finding out who those candidates will be, and passing that information along to you all. In the meantime, here are the official biographies for your Webster Republican Party candidates for Trustee and Mayor:


Peter Elder is a life-long Village resident. He was first elected Trustee in 2005 and has served as Mayor since 2010, winning election as Mayor in 2011. Peter has been active in the economic development in the Village business district and has served for 7 years as a member of the Business Improvement District Board of Directors. He is Vice President of the Webster Community Coalition for Economic Development. Elder has championed improving Village infrastructure including support for the improved waterlines in the north section of the Village, the relining of the waterline in the Wilmorite tract, and the acceleration of street repairs. Peter has also been a proponent of enhanced public access to Village government and led the effort to have Village Board meetings, Board packets, and agendas posted on-line. Peter is liaison to the Parks and Recreation Committee and Village Band. He is a member of the Webster Lions Club. He lives at 59 Dunning Avenue.


Dave Kildal has lived in the Village for about 20 years and has served as Trustee for five years and was most recently elected in 2009. Dave has been Deputy Mayor for two years. A 16-year volunteer veteran of the Webster Fire Department, he also served 11 years as a volunteer member of the Monroe County Hazmat Team. He is Village Board liaison to the Cable Access Commission, the Village Sewer Department and Village Water Departments. He is also liaison to the Webster Fire Council, the Northeast Joint District, and the Webster Police Department. He lives at 13 Sherwood Ave.


Christine Reynolds is a 19-year resident of the Village and has been Trustee since her election in 2009. She is liaison to the Business Improvement District, the Webster Association for Senior Transportation, and the Village Citizens Advisory Committee. She is a former member of the 1994 Comprehensive Plan Committee, liaison to the Village Parks Committee and a former Girl Scout troop leader. She was recognized in 2011 as Volunteer of the Year for the Bay View Family YMCA. Christine is a past PTSA membership chair of the State Road School PTSA and lives at 64 Kircher Park.

The Village election is March 19. If residents have questions, they can call Peter at 265-0671, Christine at 265-1377 or Dave at 872-5132.

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