Keeping Webster beautiful

15 Oct

image1Do you ever notice those Monroe County Adopt-a-Highway signs along our roadways? There are some real community-minded people behind those signs, whom you don’t often hear much about.

Today, though, you’re going to hear about the fine folks at St. Martin Lutheran Church, who a few years ago signed up to adopt 1.5 miles of Bay Road. You’ll see their sign at the southwest corner of Bay and Lake roads.

Last Saturday, a small group from St. Martin, armed with orange trash bags and plastic grabbers, walked both sides of Bay Road from Lake Road to Rt. 104 picking up litter along the way.  My friend Jim Lockwood sent along a nice write-up about the effort. He wrote,

It was quite surprising and disappointing to see the vast amount and variety of items that are continually tossed from cars along Bay Road. The most common were assortments of cans, bottles (both plastic and glass), fast food containers, plastic bags, etc. Most items were recyclable but were thoughtlessly tossed to the side of the road.

The Adopt-A-Highway Program is a wonderful (program) that helps keep our communities clean, safe and provides a real opportunity to meet our neighbors. We all need to participate to keep our neighborhoods litter-free. Members of St. Martin will continue to support our commitment to this program and help keep Bay Road clean, beautiful and safe for years to come.

In conclusion he added, “Please remind people to take your trash home and dispose of it properly.”

Seems easy enough.


Members of the St. Martin Lutheran Church clean-up team. 

* * *

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One Response to “Keeping Webster beautiful”

  1. Laureen Anthony-Palmer October 15, 2017 at 10:34 pm #

    Members of Webster Presbyterian Church also take part in this program. WPC is responsible for the stretch of Rt. 250 between Klem Road and Lake Road.

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