The new Filling Station nears completion

9 Dec

filling station

I have been negligent.

Back in October I wrote a teaser blog about the fact that the Filling Station Pub & Grill is moving into town from East Ridge Road into the old Burger King/Original Mac and Cheez restaurant on East Main Street. I promised a follow-up blog not long afterwards. But it has been a long-time coming.

Better late than never, let me tell you about this great new addition to the village

The Filling Station, if you’re not familiar with it, used to be located at 1839 Ridge Road, almost as far east as Wayne County. It’s long been a favorite gathering place for its casual atmosphere and extensive food and drink menus (especially the wings).

The family owned-and-operated Filling Station has been around for years, and if you’re not familiar with it, that’s probably because it was pretty much out in the middle of nowhere. In a few weeks, though, that’s going to change. By the end of this month — hopefully sometime the week of December 18, actually — the doors will officially open to the new Filling Station at 77 East Main Street in the village of Webster.

Back in October, I spoke with front-end manager Wendy Antes, who told me that one of the main reasons for the move was so they could expand.

“It’s 1200 square feet bigger,” she said. “We’re going to be able to offer more booth seating, which people have been asking for. There will be one booth, actually, that fits 12 to 15 people.”

The new location will offer about 30 more seats than the current pub has, and doubles the bar seating. All in all, that means seating for about 120 people.

Finding the right place in Webster was also a big goal.

“We grew up in Webster,” Wendy said. “I’ve lived in Webster my whole life. We wanted to expand but still stay small. We looked at a lot of different spaces, including one other place in Webster and a few east of town.”

But when she and her brother Alan saw the old Burger King, they knew it was perfect. “It was like, we could envision everything. We could envision exactly where we wanted to put everything.”

When it’s finally open, the new restaurant will sport a beautiful L-shaped bar, with 20 taps — eight more than they have now — dispensing local and regional craft brews. The kids will enjoy an old fashioned game room, and their own “kids eat free” night. The decor will still favor New York sports teams, and a lot of the memorabilia will be moving with them to the new location. And there will still be a lot of TVs so diners can enjoy anything from weather reports to sports to newscasts.

Most importantly, though, the Filling Station’s menu will be coming to the new place as well.

“All of our wonderful specials will follow from the other Filling Station to this Filling Station,” Wendy promised. “The menu will stay the same, and we’ll have a lot of new specials on top of our regular menu.”   

And they’re already looking to the future. Eventually they hope to add a deck in front for outdoor seating, and another small deck out back. Perhaps next winter there might even be an enclosed area where the drive through is, complete with fireplaces.  

There’s still quite a bit of work to be done, but the week of December 18th still seems like a reasonable goal. (Right now both places are closed; the last day at the old restaurant was November 29.) You can keep tabs on the progress on the Filling Station website and Facebook page. In the meantime, take a look at some of these photos, which Wendy was kind enough to send along. 

* * *

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