Capt. Brad Ball named Firefighter of the Year

2 Feb

Ball-Brad-9955_57_thumbThere are lots of benefits to writing this blog. One of the best is that I get to meet — and become friends with — some of the finest people who ever walked the streets of this town. Captain Brad Ball of the Webster Volunteer Fire Department is one of them.

That’s why I am pleased to pass on the news that Capt. Ball was recently named the Webster Volunteer Fire Department’s 2018 Firefighter of the Year.

Here’s an excerpt from the write-up on Capt. Ball from the WFD website:

A lifelong resident of the Town of Webster, Brad chose to serve his community as a volunteer firefighter. Words often used to describe Brad include reliable, responsive, competent and resolute. As one of Webster’s most active and dependable firefighters Brad rose through the ranks to the rank of Captain. …

The ability to serve and protect the community ultimately relies on a department’s most vital asset, its people. … For nearly a decade Captain Ball has coordinated and conducted the recruit training for Webster’s nearly 75 new firefighters. …Captain Ball instills in his recruits a feeling of welcoming camaraderie that has helped foster an outstanding retention rate for new firefighters.

For nearly 4 decades Brad Ball has served his community as a volunteer firefighter. Brad’s service includes 11 years as a Line Officer. He has performed his duties and responsibilities in a remarkable manner and to the highest standards. From his recruit training efforts, to his Line Officer contributions, to his everyday rock solid firefighting performance, Brad has continuously demonstrated his dedication to community and commitment to excellence. Brad is considered a true leader by his peers and the Webster Volunteer Fire Department and the community we serve are extremely fortunate and grateful for his service.

We in Webster owe a huge debt of thanks to the dedicated men and women of our fire departments. “Cap” epitomizes the commitment each one of them shows every day, and the kind of quality people they are.

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