We need more friends like these

27 Mar

signpostI happened to be reading through my most recent edition of the Friends of Webster Trails newsletter, and I came across something that made me stop in my tracks.

In his introductory notes, editor John Boettcher noted that “Treasurer Bill Polito and Membership Chair Denise Bilsback (have) our membership on the cusp of breaking 200.”

I stopped and read the passage again, thinking I might have missed a zero the first time through. But I hadn’t.

The way John wrote that, it almost seemed like he was a bit excited by that number.  I, on the other hand, am appalled. I have a hard time understanding why so few people — or families or couples — think enough about what the Friends of Webster Trails accomplishes to become members.

I KNOW that more than 200 people a year use Webster’s awesome trails — trails that are so awesome BECAUSE of the Friends — a dedicated team of volunteers who work every summer to create new trails, improve existing trails, remove invasive vegetation, install signage, build bridges…

And while the grunt work is completed by volunteers, a lot of the improvements cost money. So far the Friends have accomplished amazing things with the limited funds they have. Just think about what they could do if 100 or 200 more families would throw them $10 or $15 to become members. (P.S. that’s all it costs.)

So c’mon. Log onto www.webstertrails.org and become a member. Especially if you use our trails a lot. If you’re not familiar with the network of trails that surround us, this would also be a great way to learn about them. The newsletter alone is packed with information and updates. This month, for example, I read about

  • the Hidden Gems guided hikes
  • the 2018 Wegmans Passport to Family Fitness Program
  • proposed improvements to the Hojack Trail
  • a new bridge at Gosnell Big Woods Nature Preserve, and more.

Individual memberships are only $10 and family memberships are $15. It’s a great investment in Webster’s natural resources.


* * *

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