An update on Bella’s Bumbas

18 May

Bella, who has spina bifida, was the inspiration for the Webster-based Bella’s Bumbas. 

Many of you have been following my occasional columns and blogs about Bella’s Bumbas, the amazing local nonprofit organization which is changing lives for children with significant physical challenges.

Run by Webster residents Rebecca Orr and her husband Marty Parzynski, Bella’s Bumbas is dedicated to building miniature wheelchairs for children with a wide variety of mobility issues. They started the operation only a little more than a year ago and have already shipped more than 300 of these of these chairs around the world, often adapting individual chairs for the children’s individual needs.

What’s especially neat is that Marty and Rebecca charge families only for shipping. To pay for that, and to get all the parts they need, they rely entirely on donations from businesses and individuals.

This week, they got a huge boost in their fundraising efforts.

The folks from GoFundMe, on which Bella’s Bumbas hosts a fundraising page,  recently singled out the organization for some special attention. They contacted Marty and Rebecca and asked for permission to make a video about the organization, featuring their niece Bella — the original inspiration for Bella’s Bumbas — and some of the families which have benefited from their generosity.

GoFundMe posted the completed video Thursday morning. The response was immediate and overwhelming. When Rebecca texted me at 5 p.m. Thursday afternoon, they had already received an additional $21,000 in donations.

The incredible kindness of people — all total strangers — has touched Rebecca and Marty deeply.

“I just love some of the comments people make when they donate, and TOTALLY love the fact that some of the donations are $5-$10 saying they wish they could send more,” Rebecca said. “Those are the most heartfelt to me.”

Rebecca and Marty continue to improve on their Bumbas, most recently shipping a new design for bigger children, which requires the larger 16″ tires. They call this particular version the “Kyden” in honor of the child for whom it was built. They even added shoulder straps, because Kyden needed them.

Check out the video for yourself. It’s only about three and a half minutes long, and does a nice job explaining how Bella’s Bumbas started and how it it changing children’s lives in amazing ways.

If you would like to donate, you can do so right there on the page, or send a check directly to Bella’s Bumbas, 1170 Ridge Road, PMB 208, Webster, NY 14580.

* * *

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2 Responses to “An update on Bella’s Bumbas”

  1. Rebecca May 18, 2018 at 7:32 am #

    As always !!!! THANK YOU Missy for another awesome story 😊😊😊 and sharing our “mission of mobility”

    • websterontheweb May 18, 2018 at 7:36 am #

      Always glad to help! I couldn’t wait to share the story.

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