I just broke 1,000 posts

27 Jan


This was actually a bit of a shocker.

I was looking at my blog stats yesterday and saw that the blog I posted on Friday, about the Webster Rec ice rink, was my 1,000th post since beginning my Webster on the Web blog back in 2012.

And actually, that number is a bit misleading. It only reflects the number of posts I’ve published since the Democrat and Chronicle ceased its relationship with the community bloggers and stopped publishing us online and in the paper.

I’ve actually been writing a Webster blog since April of 2008 — almost 12 years ago now.

It’s been an awesome journey on which I’ve been able to spread good news about our town and village, met tons of great people, introduced new businesses and lamented the demise of old ones, helped the community through great loss and helped celebrate wonderful accomplishments, and basically had a terrific time discovering everything there is to know about Webster and sharing it with everyone. It’s like I’m having regular over-the-fence chats with thousands of neighbors and friends.

Only problem is, the conversations are usually one-sided and I rarely get to meet any of those neighbors and friends. Next month, I hope to change that.

You’ll be hearing more about this, but I’ve just arranged with the folks at the Webster Public Library to hold a kind of blogger meet-and-greet event on Friday Feb. 21 from noon to 3:30 p.m. My plan is to just hang out with my computer and work on some blogs, and anyone who would like to stop by and say hi is welcome to do so.

Have you ever wondered where I get my blog ideas? Do you have an idea for a great blog? Do you wonder if I’m actually on the payroll at Barry’s Old School Irish since I write about them so often? Please stop by and ask! More details to come about this.

Thank you everyone who has been on this journey with me, for the long haul or for just a short time. Please continue reading, and when I have my meet-and-greet event at the library, I hope you’ll come on by and say hi!

* * *

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