People are getting creative!

19 Mar

I’m loving all of the creative ideas to for socially-distant activities and entertainment that people are coming up with, to do with or without kids. If you’ve spent any time on Facebook recently, I’m sure you’ve seen some of them:

  • put your Christmas lights back up. Then families can take car rides around town (or walks when the weather gets warmer) to see them
  • Instead of Christmas lights, start your Easter decorating early and put up Easter chalkeggs. Or decorate your mailboxes
  • Chalk your walk — get some sidewalk chalk and craft an inspirational message on your walk or driveway. People are trying to get this going today and tomorrow, which may not work since it might rain. But we could do it anytime!
  • How about an outdoor scavenger hunt? Google it and you’ll see lots of suggestions.
  • An indoor scavenger hunt works, also.
  • If you’re out and about taking a walk on the trails or on the street, consider taking along a trash bag, and help beautify the neighborhood. Remember the plastic gloves.

When the weather starts to warm up consistently, I’m thinking maybe we could organize a “socially distant afternoon tea,” maybe at Gazebo Park. We call a time, everyone brings a chair, and a cooler, and sets up at least 6 feet apart in the park. We could meet some new friends.

Got any other ideas? Anything really fun your family is doing? Email me!

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