The sidewalks are blooming

24 Mar

Thank you to everyone so far who has sent me photos of the beautiful chalk drawings that are appearing around our neighborhoods. I am happy to share those emails with you now!

First, here’s Anna E. outside her north Penfield home, where she made this incredible creation on her driveway last Thursday night. “Before the rain washed it away,” her mom said.

Anna E

Scott on Crest View Drive sent this picture of a 540-space hopscotch game, made by the kids in the neighborhood, which stretched the length of the whole street.


Little Michael chose to make his drawings on the deck, away from the street. Practicing proper social distancing!


This series of photos was sent to me by Jennifer Ashton, from a Facebook post by TeeJay Dill. Jennifer wrote,

“Not a kid, but a local artist and small business owner (she started and owns both White Tiger tattoo shops) trying to brighten up her neighborhood! TeeJay Dill is a gift to the Rochester community.”

TeeJay herself accompanied her Facebook post with,

“Froze myself trying to do this but felt like the neighborhood could use a little cheer. Supposed to rain (snow?) tomorrow so I will make a new one after this one washes away.”


Finally, this series of photos was sent to me by … well, frankly, I can’t find the original email/message, so I don’t remember, nor do I know what street they’re from!! Please email me again to remind me what great children created this delightful garden!


Do you have some children’s artwork you’d like to share? Let’s keep the smiles going! Email me!

* * *

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2 Responses to “The sidewalks are blooming”

  1. Mary Heveron-Smith March 24, 2020 at 7:52 am #

    Thanks for sharing the amazing creativity that this crisis is inspiring.

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