Finding cheer amid adversity

27 Jun

These last few months have been difficult for everyone. The coronavirus has created an unending variety of challenges. It’s hard to see anything positive in what we’ve been dealing with.

But perhaps it’s just a matter of looking for it.

Case in point: there are a lot of really beautiful, interesting and whimsical things all around us, and it’s really fun to notice them. During the last week or two, as I’ve been out on my walks or bike rides, I’ve taken photos of some of these.

My husband and I came across this bench and tree, for example, along the canal path in Pittsford. Someone has been spending their down time crocheting, and using their creations to brighten up the path for riders and walkers who come by.

IMG_20200619_133821102_BURST000_COVER_TOP Closer to my home, this poor Rudolph, Santa and his sleigh made me laugh. Their next stop is the dump but I’m sure then enjoyed many happy holidays in front yard of this Penfield home.


I always appreciate it when homeowners take the time to do something extra special with their little front-yard gardens. Here, a mermaid patiently awaits the mailman every day.


Not far from the mermaid, this whimsical fairy garden just invites people to stop for a moment to say hi to the little people. It’s hard to appreciate the complexity of this presentation in this far-away photo. Try clicking on the photo for a closer look.


This was a spectacular stand of daisies in front of a North Penfield home.

These were  both taken in the village. On the left is a cute bird house recently attached to a tree on Main Street. On the right is something I’ve never seen before, a lawn Roomba (I actually looked it up — it’s called an “auto mower.”) It attacked us as we were riding along Pierce St. (Meaning it came right up to the street shoulder as I was riding by.) Scared me to bits. But it just patiently turned around and started heading the other way while I stopped to catch my breath, and this photo.

Finally, these two photos from my bike rides in and near North Ponds.


The first is a baby raccoon. A week ago I saw three of these babies on the Bird Sanctuary Trail. They’re about the size of a large kitten. This little one was wandering along Orchard St. all by himself (herself?). When I approached he slid into the grass and tried to hide. I’m just hoping that he didn’t wander out into the street again and get hit.

And finally, one happy family:


Next time you’re out and about, make sure to stop and smell the roses. Or at least notice them, and all the other beautiful and unusual things that make our neighborhoods great.

* * *

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