Team Josh hosts wiffle ball fundraiser this Friday

1 Jul

wmlwAn evening of wiffle ball will benefit Josh Honebrink, one of our Webster neighbors, in his fight against cancer.

Team Josh is joining the Webster Major League Wiffle sports team for an 8-game wiffle ball fundraiser this Friday evening.

The event will take place at 824 Houston Rd. (off of Gravel Rd.) from 5:30 to 9 p.m. Supporters can help out in two ways: First, come to watch the games. Entrance fee is $5, and masks will be required.

Second, you can become a home run sponsor by pledging money for each home run the players hit through all 8 games. Sponsor levels are:

Platinum sponsor: $35/home run
Gold sponsor: $10/home run
Silver sponsor: $5/home run
Bronze sponsor: $1/home run

You’ll also be able to take chances on some beautiful raffle basks, and purchase Team Josh wristbands.

Here’s some background information from Josh’s family about the challenges he’s facing:

Josh Honebrink is a 17-year old boy who is battling a grade 4 brain tumor in the pons of his brain stem. The tumor has left him without the ability to walk, talk, eat,

Team Josh

Josh in a photo from the WMLW website

drink or swallow. The tumor is the most aggressive brain tumor one can have and unfortunately there is no cure. There are only treatments to prolong your life.

Joshsua still amazes us every day with his incredible strength to keep fighting. If you now Joshua, that is him to a T! Never giving up no matter what obstacles may come his way! We are truly blessed to have Joshua be a part of our lives!

He has done chemo and radiation. We have started him on a new drug called Avastin. We want him to have this other drug…an inhibitor to help stop tumor growth. However that drug is not FDA approved and insurance will not cover it. It will cost us $20,000 every time we need to buy it. This fundraiser is to help us raise money to help get that drug for Josh but also to help with all of the financial burdens we have endured such as the 5-week hospital stay, chemo, radiation treatments, Avantin treatments, MRI scans, etc.

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